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In the heart of Riverside County, CA, when your oven decides to take an unexpected hiatus, especially at the most inconvenient time, don't let it derail your culinary plans. There's no need to resort to calling for a fast food delivery service - instead, turn to us at RC Appliance Repair.

At RC Appliance Repair, we understand the frustration of dealing with a faulty oven, especially when preparing for a large meal. That's why we offer same-day service calls, to ensure that you're back in the kitchen cooking up a feast in no time. Serving the entire Riverside County, we are committed to providing efficient and reliable oven repair services to all residents in need.

We have an outstanding track record in repairing a variety of oven issues across all major brands and models. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians carry an array of professional tools and equipment. More than that, they come with manufacturer parts stocked in their service vans to facilitate prompt and effective repairs. This way, we ensure that most jobs are completed on the initial visit.

Don't let a faulty oven spoil your dinner plans. Call us today, and we'll get your appliances up and running in time for your big meal. Because here at RC Appliance Repair, we believe that the best meals are those cooked at home!

The most popular oven problems

Experience seamless solutions to common oven breakdowns in Riverside County with RC Appliance Repair. We're adept at troubleshooting issues from uneven baking to malfunctioning controls. Join us as we discuss these prevalent problems, their causes, and our effective remedies.


If your oven's self-cleaning function is not working, this could be due to a faulty door lock motor and switch assembly, a control board issue, or a defective temperature sensor. Trying to fix this issue by yourself can lead to further damage. Instead, trust the professionals at RC Appliance Repair. Our certified technicians will diagnose and repair this issue, usually within the same day of your call.


A persistent oven light can be caused by a malfunctioning light switch, a broken control board, or a damaged light socket. If your oven light won’t turn off, get in touch with us at RC Appliance Repair. Our experienced technicians will assess the situation and fix it promptly. We stock spare parts for popular brands like Samsung, Frigidaire, and Hotpoint, enabling us to provide same-day service and repairs.

Oven not maintaining the set temperature

An oven that cannot maintain a steady temperature can ruin your cooking experience. This issue can be due to various causes such as a faulty thermostat, a damaged temperature sensor, or a malfunctioning heating element. It may need a simple recalibration or a part replacement. Don't let this nuisance ruin your favorite recipes; contact RC Appliance Repair for professional diagnosis and resolution.

Oven failing to power up or ignite

This issue could leave you with a cold and unresponsive oven. For gas ovens, this could mean a faulty ignitor or a problem with the gas supply line. If your stovetop burners are also failing to ignite, the problem is likely with the gas supply. For electric ovens, the cause could be an electrical issue. When such problems arise, consult the oven manual and reach out to RC Appliance Repair for the best possible solution

Oven not cooking food uniformly

If you've noticed that your oven doesn't cook food evenly, it might not be entirely the appliance's fault. Try experimenting with rack placement and the positioning of the food inside the oven, as it can significantly influence the cooking outcome. But, if these adjustments don't work, there might be an issue with the oven’s heating system. At RC Appliance Repair, we can help diagnose and fix any problems to ensure your oven cooks to perfection every time.

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