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Welcome to RC Appliance Repair - your trusted partner for dishwasher repair services in Riverside County, CA. Every home understands the value of a functioning dishwasher - a critical time-saving appliance that makes your life simpler and more efficient. But, when it breaks down, it becomes an inconvenience that disrupts the rhythm of your household, forcing you to revert to the tedious task of handwashing dishes.

To avoid such frustrations, we advise that you call our professional appliance repair services as soon as you notice any malfunctioning in your dishwasher. At RC Appliance Repair, we pride ourselves on being a reliable solution provider, offering same-day dishwasher repair services that get your appliance back up and running in no time.

Our expert team of technicians is proficiently trained to diagnose and fix all typical dishwasher issues. To ensure maximum efficiency, we load our vans with an extensive range of replacement parts and the necessary tools, aiming to resolve the problem on the first visit. We understand the inconveniences a broken appliance can cause in your home - and a dishwasher is no exception. That's why we're committed to delivering swift, proficient, and courteous services, restoring your dishwasher's functionality as quickly as possible. Choose RC Appliance Repair for unparalleled dishwasher repair services in Riverside County, CA - we're here to make your life easier.

Dishwasher Problems

Navigating common dishwasher breakdowns in Riverside County has never been easier with RC Appliance Repair. We're well-versed in addressing issues from water leaks to ineffective cleaning cycles. Join us as we explore these common problems, their origins, and our tried-and-true solutions.


RC Appliance Repair brings years of experience to diagnosing and rectifying common dishwasher issues that result in incessant or loud noises. These sounds often stem from a defective wash arm bearing, pump housing, or motor bushing. These are common problems, and our customers can count on us to repair them promptly!


Dishwashers can start to leak water for a couple of reasons. The leak could be due to a defective door latch or closure, which we can replace without any fuss. Alternatively, it might be a compromised water inlet valve, which we can repair as soon as we arrive at your home. We stock manufacturer replacement parts for all popular dishwasher brands like GE, Whirlpool, LG, and more.


If your dishwasher doesn't power on, first check that the appliance is plugged in and the circuit breakers aren't tripped. If that's not the issue, the problem could be rooted in the door latch switches, thermal fuses, electronic controls, or motor relays. Our seasoned team is well-equipped to diagnose and address such concerns swiftly.


Dishwashers should fill with water and then drain after the dishes are cleaned. A dishwasher won't fill if there's an issue with the door latch, float switch, or water inlet valve. And if the dishwasher doesn’t drain, there's likely a problem with the drain pump motor or the drain hose. At RC Appliance Repair, we're adept at resolving these common issues in no time.


A dishwasher isn’t fulfilling its purpose if dishes remain dirty after a cycle. Dirty dishes often indicate a broken housing gasket, water tube, filter, or spray arm. We have the necessary parts on hand to repair these common dishwasher problems swiftly and efficiently.


A dishwasher should both wash and dry dishes, so you don't have to hand-dry them after a cycle. If your dishwasher isn't drying, there could be an issue with the heating element, rinse aid dispenser, or thermostat. At RC Appliance Repair, we can repair or replace these parts for all brands and models of dishwashers.


Your dishwasher needs to dispense detergent or soap to effectively clean dishes. If it doesn't, this could be due to a broken timer, bi-metal release, or wax motor. Our skilled team at RC Appliance Repair is more than capable of fixing these issues, getting your dishwasher back in top shape.

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